Monday, March 25, 2013

Packing for Spring Break with Kids

I talk a lot about organizing, and I love making lists. So, of course I've been working on my Packing list.

This is my list for 5 people, 2 adults and 3 kids.  This is mostly about packing for the kids, the grown ups throw their clothes in a duffel bag at the last moment.

To Pack

3 pairs of pants or shorts x3
3 shirts x3
3 Onesies
4 undies x2
3prs of socks x3
1 sweatshirt x3
Toothbrushes for all!
Hats x3
Swimsuits x5
1 floaty for baby at pool
Hair brushes/Make up bag
2 Baby Bottles
Small bottle of dish detergent
Toys for kids x3
Auctions to mail ( I also sell online)
Car games
Pack N Play  plus pillow
Blankets and Pillows
Burp cloth/Cloth napkins
Directions to the hotel and attractions along the way
Gifts for the family
Pen and Paper for bored kids
Baby wrap ( Moby wrap or Snugli contraption)
T's work stuff ( He also works remotely)
Phones! With Chargers!

Meals for on the road:
Snacks ( We call them crunchies, like Triscuits and veggie fries)
Shelf Stable milk
RB Sammies ( See recipes)
Fruit pouches and fruit leathers
Granola Bars
Trail Mix
6 pack of juices and waters, and mom's soda ( caffeine!)

We will probably use the microwave in our hotel room for that night's dinner. Then we can hit the pool faster.

Also, another good tip is to download new ebooks and music for your trip. I downloaded a free ebook from Amazon today, you can search for them using the words "free ebooks." It's really that simple!

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