Thursday, February 28, 2013

Work at home jobs! My gift to you today!

Since I am a work at home parent, and so is my partner, I am always on the look out for more

opportunities to work at home, and to help others do so.

So, I have compiled a list of Freelance Writing Websites....

Scripted - Write tweets, blogs, and Facebook posts. Sign up manually or by using your Facebook account.

Search Sciences - Hiring from US, Canada, and UK. Pays roughly $15 per article.

She Budgets - Pay is $2.50 an article plus small bonus for page views. You may include backlink to your site if you have one.

Skyword - Some upfront pay but also offers revenue share.

Textbroker - Textbroker hires beginners & experienced writers to create     content for their clients. Pay is weekly via Paypal on Fridays.

Textbroker UK - The UK version of the Textbroker website. Hiring writers from the UK, Australia, Canada, and Britain.

The Content Authority - Similar to Textbroker. Hires in Canada & US. Pays weekly with Paypal.

The Writer's Network - The Writer's Network is always looking for   talented, independent writers. $10 to $25 per article, weekly pay.

Valley Direct Media - Pays weekly, $4 an article.

WebSiteText - They always have a need for website content writers and experienced SEO copywriters.

wiseGEEK - This company is not currently hiring. Will update if that changes.

Word Gigs - US residents can earn between $1 and $4 for blurbs and short articles.

Words of Worth - Open to US, Canada, France, Germany, UK and more. Pays out once a month via bank transfer.

World Start - This site pays between $25 to $50 an article. Mostly computer tips/ideas. Pays with Paypal.

Write Swap - Marketplace to sell your writing services. Offer to do whatever kind of writing work you want and name your price. - Work is done through MTurk. Pays up to $2.25 for 250 words.
Writer Access - Similar to Textbroker

Writer's Research Group - Pays once a month via direct  deposit. Also has  editing, researching, and data entry positions  available on occasion.  You must invoice them for payment.

Writer's Work Station - Writer's Work Station is not yet open to the public. They occasionally need ghost writers.

Yahoo! Voices - Offering upfront pay and rev. share. You can submit   articles for upfront pay but pay for those articles isn't set. You might get anywhere from $2 to $7 or even more.

Coming Tomorrow............

WTF Friday! My personal WTF pinterest moments! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It can't rain forever.

It cant rain forever. 
When it does, you have to find a way to beat those blues!  It has been the rainiest winter I can remember, and it's really getting to everyone. The Mayo Clinic (.com) says that Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that occurs at the same time every year. Most cases start in late Fall, and less so in the Spring and Summer. 
Light therapy or pharmaceuticals are advised treatments. 
Since we try to do things the au natural way here at the O house, we are going with Phototherapy, or light therapy. You can purchase one of these magic machines online at Lamps USA, but really I suspect that any full spectrum bulb will work. 

It is probably best to start light therapy before oh, say February like we are, but every little bit counts. 

Here are some lights I found at Lowes:

In other news, baby D is learning all the things. He somewhere along the way learned that shoes were for your feet and he tries to put his own shoes on. He is now 16 months old and a delightful little guy. He enjoys making people laugh, and playing with his older brothers. He likes to "spin" his toy cars around on the table and loves to eat pizza. I'm a proud mama. 

Last night he was playing by himself, just walking around, doing baby stuffs, and I looked more closely and he was organizing his toys and putting them into a box.  It's a first!!


Pinterest  Funnies

I will start showing the world what I think is ridiculous on pinterest. 'Tis bound to be interesting. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I can never remember anything anymore. I think I need a new schedule! I need to now pinterest all the schedule making tips, and immerse myself in them!

What we have been doing this month:
Sleeping way too much and hoping for a break in this rain.
Experimenting with gluten free and vegetarian meals ( more on that later).
Teaching littlest his name and watching him run around the house like a big kid! Who loves pizza!
Teaching the older ones about schedules and how to keep one, and how to make sure you get enough sleep. ( In my world, sleep is crucial.) It aids in brain function and the non-crankies.
Praying for Spring ( Please Universe? Soon?)
And trying to move from cosleeping to room sharing with our littlest. He has so far slept in his beautiful crib all night long exactly twice, but at least they were all this week.

I wish this were one of those blogs where I show you pics of my perfect children and my perfect house, but you know, ain't nobody got time for alla that!
So, enjoy a reasonable facsimile: