Thursday, February 21, 2013

I can never remember anything anymore. I think I need a new schedule! I need to now pinterest all the schedule making tips, and immerse myself in them!

What we have been doing this month:
Sleeping way too much and hoping for a break in this rain.
Experimenting with gluten free and vegetarian meals ( more on that later).
Teaching littlest his name and watching him run around the house like a big kid! Who loves pizza!
Teaching the older ones about schedules and how to keep one, and how to make sure you get enough sleep. ( In my world, sleep is crucial.) It aids in brain function and the non-crankies.
Praying for Spring ( Please Universe? Soon?)
And trying to move from cosleeping to room sharing with our littlest. He has so far slept in his beautiful crib all night long exactly twice, but at least they were all this week.

I wish this were one of those blogs where I show you pics of my perfect children and my perfect house, but you know, ain't nobody got time for alla that!
So, enjoy a reasonable facsimile:

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