Saturday, August 24, 2013

I'm here!

Life gets in the way sometimes. A lot has happened since I last wrote.
In May I found out I was surprisingly with child. It was a big shock, as you know our thirdborn had medical issues and I had a hard pregnancy with him.
And so while I was away on a visit to my family, I started bleeding. A trip to the ER showed that our surprise baby had passed.
It was a rough month. I stayed with family while I recovered.

Finding a good daycare has been tough as well, and I have gone back to doing freelance work for now.

I am doing good, dont let this post fool you.

I'm excited about fall, and cooler weather and birthdays.

Just wanted to jot down some quick notes. More soon.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Customer Service Work At Home List

I have worked for a few of these, and feel free to ask about which ones if any of them particularly strike your fancy.


Accolade Support,

ACD Direct,

Admission Consultants,

Alpine Access,

American Airlines,

Aquaricon -

Arise - ( requires start up costs)



Baby to Bee, (send resume to *Babytobee does not list thier employment opportunities on their website, but regularly recruits via classifed advertising* Just send them an email if you are interested.

Beyond Marketing Online,

BRG Research Services,



Cloud 10,


Convergys -

Connect Plus, LLC,

Customer Loyalty Concepts,

eCallogy, (Utah Only!)

ESM (Colorado Only)

Fonemed – - Registered Nurses only

GE -

Greene TeleServices (WA, DC only)

Home Shopping Network -

JetBlue Airways, (Utah )


MicahTek, Inc –

National Telecommuting Institute, Inc. - – Must have a disability

Niteo Services, Inc.,

O'Currance Teleservices, (Utah)

onpoint@home –


Secure Call Management,

Service 800,

Sterling Testing Systems,

Support Freaks,

Teletech -


Time Communications, (St Paul, MN)

Unlimited Conferencing,

Ver-A-Fast Corporation,



West at Home,


Working Solutions,

XAct Telesolutions,

More ramblings from moi..

I've been off doing Real Life things, but have finally crept back to my little blog. Everyone is doing fine.
I am in the process of ( hopefully) getting hired for a well known company, doing tech support.  I had to go to their office and fill out my I-9 and all of that jazz.  This means I would give up most of my freelancing, but it would be a set 40 hour a week schedule.

Little D has been playing outside every day, sometimes we spend all afternoon there. 

Yesterday we planted basil in our garden. 

Soon, I will break a piece off of that work at home list I posted awhile back, it will probably be the customer service job list that we tackle next. 

It IS possible to work at home, and to love it. To me, that is having it all. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Am I brave enough to talk about HSV?

I was reading this amazing article about neonatal herpes, and it struck me.

This is about ME. This is about my experience with my precious baby boy, and a pretty detailed explanation at that about what I went through with Dax and meningitis.

I never knew much about HSV. Although now, even the letters give me a chill to the bone.

It was something we were briefly taught about in sex ed, something other people got, and I didn't think much about it. In those days, AIDS was the main concern.

I had known people who had cold sores in the past, my partner was one of them, but my OB never mentioned to me to think about it. As far as I know, I was never tested for it. I never even once to this day, have had an outbreak.

Nothing hit me in the gut me more than this part of the article above.

I got into a loop of thinking about it, and how our evening at the ped's office must have went something like this:

 There is nothing more sobering than to run a case of a neonatal rash by an ID doc and to have them tell you with complete sincerity that “You can save this baby’s life. Get them to an ER. Now.” Untreated SEM disease can progress to infection of the brain.

The thought of that phone call, and that night of us rushing to the ER will forever live in my brain, even though our D has no memory of that awful night. We didn't stop to get anything from the house, we didn't stop for anything. We rushed to get that acyclovir IV, and I will be forever grateful.

Friday, April 5, 2013

WTF ( Pinterest) Friday..

Pinterest has updated their website, and it's terrible!
I get stuck on a "pin", and can't close it.

So then I have to refresh the whole page..

It has given me The Sad.
And...This is why I refuse to update the pinterest app on my iphone.

Nope, not gonna do it.

There are some cool things on pinterest lately, and I am hooked on the recipes..

Shrimp and Pesto toasts? Yes, please.

Home made jelly donuts?!

I wish Pinterest would cook these things for me too. I think we are having frozen meals for dinner.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I hope my list has helped others find work.

It has been really rough around here, job wise. I think there are too many people looking for work, and not enough open slots.
It's sad in this town, sometimes. As much as I love it, and as much as I'm sure people love coming here to vacation.

Craigslist is a joke. It's like throwing your resume down an empty hallway.

I do everything I can, and we get by...but I also realize how lucky I am, to have family members that can help me make ends meet when I need it.

How can we help others more? How can I teach my children to help the less fortunate too?

Food for thought..

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Secret Shopper Tips

I wanted to break down my original Work at Home list, into manageable tips.

I've done secret shopping here and there, and I still get a lot of job offers in my inbox every day.

You do have to be very organized, but you can get free meals, free car work, and not to mention a paycheck by doing secret shopping.

There is also a new app called EasyShift, and it is really fun to use. With EasyShift, you can select what  job you have time for, and then do it right away. Some of the shifts involve taking a picture with your smart phone and some are just surveys you can fill out in the comfort of your own home.

But let's go back to secret shopping. It's best to have a Shoppers Binder full of ( not women!) all the different print outs and faqs for each company. It can get confusing keeping all of your "shopper stories" straight. But you won't be bringing this binder to work with you, it's just for reference in your home office.

That way, when you come back from your secret shop, you can get right down to work, filling out all of those forms you need for each job.  Once you get in the hang of this, it will become easy.

Also, you need to think of your shopper identity. You may want to have a different version for each company you shop for. Each shop you go on will require you to act, and pretend to be interested in something that you may or may not be. I wouldn't recommend getting a wig or anything like that. It's not THAT kind of acting job.

Here is the Secret Shopper list again, for you to print out and get started secret shopping!


A&A Merchandising Ltd. - 

A Closer Look, Inc.- 

A & M Business Services - 

A Step Above Service Evaluations - 

A Top Shop - 

AboutFace – 

Acra, Inc.- ----A Lot of California shops 

Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd.- 

Associate Consumer Evaluations - 

Amusement Advantage - 

Anonymous Insights - 

Anonymous Shoppers & Assessments of Pittsburgh - 

Apartment Shoppe - 

Ardent Services - 

Assure Quality Systems - 

At Your Service Marketing - 

Bare Associates International - 

Barry Leeds & Associates - 

Best Mark - 


Beyond Hello - 

Beyond Marketing Group - 

Business Evaluation Services - 

BMA Mystery Shopping Services - 

Business Insights Group - 

Byers Choice Inc - 

California Marketing Specialists - 

Campus Consulting - 

Capstone Research - 

Certified Reports, Inc.- 

Check-Up Marketing - 

Cirrus Marketing Consultanat - 

CKA Group, Inc.- 

Confero The Service Resources Group - 

Consumer Critique, Inc - 

Consumer Impressions - 

Consumer Research Group - 

Corporate Research International - 

Count on Us - 

Coyle Hospitality Group - 

Creative image -- 

Cross Financial Group - 

Customer 1st - 

Customer Perspectives - 

Customer Service Experts, Inc.- 

Customer Service Perceptions - 

CustomeriZe. Inc. - 

CV Marketing Research Inc.- 

Data Quest, Ltd.- 

Datatron - 

David Sparks & Associates - 

DSG Associates - 

Eyes R Us, Inc.- 

Feedback Plus Inc. - 

Focus on Service - 

Franchise Compliance, Inc - 

Full Scope Mystery Shopping - 

Global Compliance Services - 

Goodwin and Associates Hospitality Services, LLC - 

Grantham, Orilio & Associates - 

Graymark Security Group - 

Green & Associates - 

Greet America, Inc.- 

Harris Teeter - 

Hilli Dunlap Enterprises - 

Howard Services Service Sleuths - 

ICC / Decision Services - 

Imaginus - 

imyst - 

Infinity Assurance Group - 

Informa Research Services - 

Infotel - 

Instant Reply - 

IntelliShop - 

J M Ridgway Company - 

Jack's Mystery Guest - 

Jancyn Evaluation Shops - 

JC & Associates - 

Ken-Rich Retail Group - 

LeBlanc & Associates - 

Locksley Group Ltd. - 

Maritz Research - 

Marketing Endeavors, LLC - 

Marketing Systems Unlimited - 

Mar's Surveys - 

Market Viewpoint - 

Mass Connections - 

Melinda Brody and Company - 

Mercantile Systems and Surveys - 

Merchandise Concepts - 

Muscle Marketing - 

Michelson & Associates - 

Mosaic InfoForce - 

Mystery Guest, Inc - 

Mystery Shoppers - 

Mystique Shopper - 

National Shopping Service Network, LLC - 

Nationwide Services Group, Inc - 

Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants - 

NOP World Mystery Shopping (RoperNOP) - 

Nsite Inc - 

Orilio & Associates - 

Pacific Research Group - 

The Pat Henry Group - 

Perfect Performance - 

The Performance Edge - 

Person to Person Quality - 

Petro Truck Stops - 

Premier Service Consulting - 

Promotion Network, Inc. - 

PROS Professional Review & Operational Shoppes, Inc. - 

PulseBack - 

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, Inc. - 

Quality Assurance Consulting - 

Quality Insurance Inspection Specialists - 

Quality Shopper - 

QualityWorks Associates - 

Quest for Best - 

Reality Check Mystery Shoppers - 

Reflections - 

Rentrak Mystery Shopping - 

Restaurant Cops LLC - 

Restaurant Evaluators - 

Retail Eyes - 

Rickie Kruh Research and Marketing Group - 

Ritter & Associates - 

Rocky Mountain Merchandising - 

Reality Quality Assurance - 

Satisfaction Services - 

Second to None - 

Secret Shopping Services - 

Sensors Quality Managements - 

Service Advantage International - 

Service Alliance - 

Service Check - 

Service Evaluation Concepts - 

Service Excellence Group - 

Service Impressions - 

Service Intelligence Secret Shop Net - 

Service Performance Group - 

ServiceProbe - 

The Service Quality Department - 

Service Research Corporation - 

ServiceSense - 

Service Sleuths by Howard Roberts - 

Service Solutions, Inc. - 

ServiceTRAC - 

SG Marketing - 

The Shadow Agency - 

Shop’n Check Worldwide – 

Shoptalk Service Evaluations – 

Shoppers, Inc. - 

Shoppers Critique International – 

Shoppers View – 

Sights on Service - 

Sinclair Service Assessments - 

The Soloman Group - 

Speedmark Information Services - 

Spies in Disguise - 

Superior Product Pickup Service – 

TNS Intersearch - 

TES/Rapid Chek - 

Texas Shoppers Network - 

Trend Source - 

Video Eyes - 

Wal-Mart – 

Zellman Group –