Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More ramblings from moi..

I've been off doing Real Life things, but have finally crept back to my little blog. Everyone is doing fine.
I am in the process of ( hopefully) getting hired for a well known company, doing tech support.  I had to go to their office and fill out my I-9 and all of that jazz.  This means I would give up most of my freelancing, but it would be a set 40 hour a week schedule.

Little D has been playing outside every day, sometimes we spend all afternoon there. 

Yesterday we planted basil in our garden. 

Soon, I will break a piece off of that work at home list I posted awhile back, it will probably be the customer service job list that we tackle next. 

It IS possible to work at home, and to love it. To me, that is having it all. 

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