Thursday, February 28, 2013

Work at home jobs! My gift to you today!

Since I am a work at home parent, and so is my partner, I am always on the look out for more

opportunities to work at home, and to help others do so.

So, I have compiled a list of Freelance Writing Websites....

Scripted - Write tweets, blogs, and Facebook posts. Sign up manually or by using your Facebook account.

Search Sciences - Hiring from US, Canada, and UK. Pays roughly $15 per article.

She Budgets - Pay is $2.50 an article plus small bonus for page views. You may include backlink to your site if you have one.

Skyword - Some upfront pay but also offers revenue share.

Textbroker - Textbroker hires beginners & experienced writers to create     content for their clients. Pay is weekly via Paypal on Fridays.

Textbroker UK - The UK version of the Textbroker website. Hiring writers from the UK, Australia, Canada, and Britain.

The Content Authority - Similar to Textbroker. Hires in Canada & US. Pays weekly with Paypal.

The Writer's Network - The Writer's Network is always looking for   talented, independent writers. $10 to $25 per article, weekly pay.

Valley Direct Media - Pays weekly, $4 an article.

WebSiteText - They always have a need for website content writers and experienced SEO copywriters.

wiseGEEK - This company is not currently hiring. Will update if that changes.

Word Gigs - US residents can earn between $1 and $4 for blurbs and short articles.

Words of Worth - Open to US, Canada, France, Germany, UK and more. Pays out once a month via bank transfer.

World Start - This site pays between $25 to $50 an article. Mostly computer tips/ideas. Pays with Paypal.

Write Swap - Marketplace to sell your writing services. Offer to do whatever kind of writing work you want and name your price. - Work is done through MTurk. Pays up to $2.25 for 250 words.
Writer Access - Similar to Textbroker

Writer's Research Group - Pays once a month via direct  deposit. Also has  editing, researching, and data entry positions  available on occasion.  You must invoice them for payment.

Writer's Work Station - Writer's Work Station is not yet open to the public. They occasionally need ghost writers.

Yahoo! Voices - Offering upfront pay and rev. share. You can submit   articles for upfront pay but pay for those articles isn't set. You might get anywhere from $2 to $7 or even more.

Coming Tomorrow............

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