Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hi Ho! :-) We have been enjoying this beautiful fall weather way too much. I want to bottle these walks and these warm days so that in January I can open it up and relive it. We live in the city now, so no more getting snowed in at the top of the hill for a week. ( Yes that happened to us our first winter together, before the baby was born....actually that was the winter that he was conceived. Go figure.) But I still hate winter so. I need to find ways to like it. I do love Christmas. Christmas is still magical to me, and I try to make it as wonderful as I can for the kids. They are only kids for a short time.
This year we will get a natural tree again. I love the smell. We also do stockings and Charlie Brown special, and Christmas light trolling, and...and.....I guess I am excited about winter too.

I also just filled out my FAFSA for Spring. I was in school before Dax got sick, but once he did and we  (he) was hospitalized...all of that flew out the window. I could think of nothing else but whether or not he was going to survive. I am so glad that was a year ago. Time is helping me heal from that traumatizing experience.

And yes, little one will be 1 soon!! The big 1!!

Life is amazing.

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