Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy MoNdAy!! It is quite the dreary day in our neck of the woods.
Baby D and I are cleaning house and get ready for Grandma and Grandpa's visit this week! Wooohooo! He has no idea the fun he is in for. We are going to get him a new bed, and have a little celebration!
Also at the end of the month is little D's first birthday. I've been looking all over pinterest for things for me and the older brothers to make as party treats

I love finger foods, and I have always wanted to do a full meal in miniature. Wondering what a good mini first course might be. Sliders is the easy answer, I love to do mine on sweet rolls. I was also think maybe mini meatballs on a stick would be a good protein. Everybody loves a good meatball. For the veg heads in our lives, I will make sure to have some good wholesome foods. My one thing about this party is that it has to be all baby friendly foods, since our little man is the king of the day. That rules out the PB tofu, or a raw veggie plate.

Speaking of little I go....

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