Monday, November 26, 2012

Sweet potato puffs and giving thanks..

Sitting here on this warmish fall afternoon with the 1 year old, eating potato puffs and scoping online sales.
Our Thanksgiving went without a hitch, and the simple turkey we made ( basted in broth and lots of butter) was delicious. Our newest tradition is eating cinn rolls and watching the Thanksgiving Day parade on Turkey Day morning. But not the big one, we catch some of that too, but we primarily watch our local parade. It's so much fun! We have fun trying to spot people we know in the crowd, and looking at the floats for local businesses.
My goal for the kids this Christmas is to have more experiences, and less "stuff." I am thinking of a museum membership, or tickets to an event. Also, we always do our Christmas lights drive, our Polar Express watching, and cocoa drinking traditions.
I have 4 days until December!!! Need more ideas!

In other good news, usually we have a sick kid on never fails. BUT this year, no one was sick and a good time was had by all.

Thank you Universe.

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